We, at Vinnagar believe that in order for us to achieve our overall corporate vision, it is imperative that economic, environmental, and social objectives be integrated into our daily business objectives and future planning activities - regardless of where we are. In other words, we believe in sustainable development.

This means helping to improve the environment and lives of the people in the communities in which we do business

It means making a long-term, proactive commitment to reducing the impact of our products and facilities on the environment - and then following up our words with real actions.

It means working with our partners in business, academic, and government to find solutions that are tailored to the local culture and community.

Most important, let's continue working together to find solutions to the challenges that come with development.

Despite many hurdles in my early age and urge to establish as
the supplier of choice by delighting our customers with products
and services, I carved a niche for Vinnagar by way of constant upgradation.
To a question put to me at the age of 79 in October 2003 how is life?
I replied, "Let me retire". But today I am back in office and
fully active. Friends, this was possible because of you all.

When Edmund Hillary was asked how he conquers the mountain, he answered: “By first conquering myself.” The question is: how willing are we to conquer ourselves to conquer that mountain.

In order to be constantly effective, one has to be a high-energy professional. At Vinnagar we truly bring good things to your life. We are constantly developing new technologies & products to meet the growing demands of the industry and health- care services at prices one can afford.

We are always there for you- close to the customer, people and community we work with.

Our watchword is unconditional commitment to customers, day after day, year after year.

Thank You for visiting,

M.K. Narasimhan.

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